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There’s no such thing as a retired actor
Bulgarisches Kulturinstitut "Haus Wittgenstein" - Kellergalerie

To understand Georgi Vachev's work, we must take a brief detour into his biography. An actor and photographer, he graduated from the National Academy of Theater and Film Arts in Sofia (Bulgaria) in 1998; he is now a permanent member of the ensemble at the Dramatic Theater in Plovdiv (Bulgaria). In 2009, he received his master's degree in photography at the Academy for Music, Dance, and Fine Arts in Plovdiv.

Once we are familiar with his career, the subject he has chosen for these pictures seems almost obvious. His photographs reflect any actor's greatest his life, after all, is entirely dedicated to appearing before the spectators and earning their esteem. Vachev's photographic portraits speak of the affliction of a retired performer, who can no longer give himself up to his greatest passion acting! All of the photographs on display depict a stage actor's retreat into his own four walls, his banishment from the stage. But has this actor really vanished from the stage, or does Vachev perhaps stage him in an entirely new way? Georgi Vachev's photographs afford the thespian another appearance. True, it is no longer on the stage, before a live audience; but he is the protagonist of another medium in this instance, photography, which enables the actor to take the "stage" even after his death, drawing the admiring gazes of his beholders.

Georgi Vachev, IVAN TOMOV, 2011, Digitale Fotografie, 70 x 50 cm
Georgi Vachev, IVAN TOMOV, 2011, Digitale Fotografie, 70 x 50 cm

Georgi Vachev

Bulgarisches Kulturinstitut "Haus Wittgenstein" - Kellergalerie
Parkgasse 18
1030 Wien

Di 30.10., 19 Uhr


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