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  • 28. Oktober - 30. November 2014
28. Oktober - 30. November 2014


Shared territories
Manuel Carreon Lopez, Madis Luik

Shared Territories is a series of events comprising two solo exhibitions that showcase different approaches to cultural and spatial territories. Shows of works by Madis Luik and Manuel Carreon Lopez, two artists with roots in Europe and Latin America, inaugurate Raum Bonygasse, a temporary exhibition space in the Meidling district of Vienna that will function as a hub for young photography artists and art lovers.

The exhibitions will be held at two-week intervals on the weekends between November 9 and 23, 2014. Each show will be open non-stop for forty-eight hours.

First weekend (November 7 through 9): Madis Luik presents documentary photographs and videos taken in his native Estonia, with a particular focus on the small town of Viljandi, where he was born.

Second weekend (November 21 through 23): the Mexican-born Manuel Carreon Lopez, who grew up in Austria, creates photographic series that explore his biography and how it shaped his relationships with the part of the family that continues to live in Mexico City.



Raum Bonygasse


Opening hours
jeweils Fr 17–So 17 durchgehend


Raum Bonygasse
1120 Wien

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