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  • 28. Oktober - 30. November 2014
28. Oktober - 30. November 2014

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C. Baumann, P. Baumüller, T. Draschan, B. Eichhorn, S. Guse, Die 4 Grazien, S. Groschup, A. Hager, M. Hiesleitner, H Hofer, N. Kupyrova, L. Lapschina, M. Niederkircher, K. M. Pfeifer, J. Tatzgern, N. Schöpfer, C. Schwertsik, C. Spatt, J. Stoll, G. Zahn, S. Zimmerberger

The decision is difficult. Or you know right away. Or you go back and forth. And back …

Twenty-one artists select “the one” photograph from their creative output that merits this distinction, at this moment or upon a thorough review of their oeuvre—regardless of its format, its subject, or the year it was taken. No less diverse than the pictures are the motivations that drive their choices: it may just be their favorite right now; or it was taken in unusual circumstances, at a particular junction in their lives or oeuvres; perhaps it brings back recollections; or is it the motif that makes this photograph special?

The show presents a snapshot of an ongoing process: photographs of particular significance, picked and nominated for an exhibition—stars for a few days—while raising the question: Among a great numbers of photographs, is there one that is “the one”? Or is, as Plato thought, everything that exists derivative of the one?

Di, 25.11., 19 Uhr
zur Eröffnung spricht Lucas Gehrmann


Opening hours
tgl. 19–23
Fr, 28.11., 20 Uhr: Performance "innen_außen" von Goldfuß unlimited/Johanna Tatzgern


Thelemangasse 4/1
1170 Wien

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