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  • 28. Oktober - 30. November 2014
28. Oktober - 30. November 2014

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Social Work without People
Klaus Pichler, Florian Rainer, Reiner Riedler, Frank Robert, Horst Stein

The first presentation of the newly established collective LUSTER features the works of five photographers who roam open spaces and streets and zoom in on what catches their eye. Yet it is not the voyeurism of street photography that makes them push the trigger. Instead, they train their lenses on situations that highlight curious forms of absence: the paradoxical fact that the human being, and humanity, is invisible regardless of whether he, she, it, we, you, they … are captured in the picture or not. In these diverse social spaces, everyone and the relations between them are always present.

Frank Robert: The Bank
The financial crisis and other developments have made many people lose trust in banks and severely damaged their reputation. Still, banks provide services for which no alternatives exist, and branch offices are where we interact with them. What do they look like and how do they define themselves in the public arena?

Reiner Riedler: The Trace
For some time now, I have gone on forays through the familiar environment, excursions without a defined destination, a vague quest that never achieves fulfillment. I pursue a trace or scent that I myself may originally have marked.

Florian Rainer: We Built at the End of the World
A built world that stands unused, subject to ongoing improvement but never animated, is an eerie world. The residents themselves never seem to be sure what it is that drives them out into the streets; into the world outside the mystery.

Horst Stein: Absurd
In these pictures, the world of things sketches the traces of relations we then assess as our environment and that acquaint us with the human being and his or her (all too) human qualities. The label “Absurd” is not meant to draw a distinction and enhance my own status, but leads into the field of pointed contradictions.

Klaus Pichler: The Mystery
Social norms and compulsions, secret passions and their translation into spatial features are the focus of this work. Elements that become palpable in the picture and yet leave its mystery untouched.


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