Eyes On

  • 28. Oktober - 30. November 2014
28. Oktober - 30. November 2014

November 23–24, 2014

Sunday, November 23, 9:30am–5pm
Monday, November 24, 10am–6pm

Az W – Architekturzentrum Wien www.azw.at
at the MuseumsQuartier Wien
Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Wien


The Eyes On Portfolio Review brings photographers and renowned experts together in one place to enable practitioners of artistic and documentary photography to discuss their work with curators, editors, gallery operators, and festival directors.

Eyes On will invite around thirty Austrian and international experts to Vienna. Participants will be able to present their portfolios and receive feedback on their output in twenty-minute one-on-one encounters. They will also have an opportunity to try and place their works in exhibitions, magazines, or photography festivals and build an international network. The exchange of ideas among the participants is another important component of the event.

The Portfolio Review will conclude with an Open Review session during which all experts will look through the gathered works and select the best portfolio. The winner will be invited to present his or her photographs in Bildrecht GmbH’s exhibition space during Eyes On 2016.

For detailed terms of participation, please klick here.



Katharina Acht, Zoltan Adorjani, Susanne Bettina Armberger, Michael Bachhofer, Laurent Baillet, Catharina Bond, Markus Bstieler, Brigitte Corn, Silvia Czepl, Miguel David, Thomas Defner, Christoph Euler, Barbara Filips, Jutta Fischel, Julia Gaisbacher, Gianmaria Gava, Nicola Hackl-Haslinger, Heinz Jörgen Hafele, Otto Hainzl, Anja Hitzenberger, Leon Höllhumer, Walter Kanov, Eva Kees, Eva Kelety, Irene Kernthaler-Moser, Gabriela Koch, Wawrzyniec Kolbusz, Sandra Kosel, Leonhard Kugler, Esteban Lahoz, Christine Luger, Jana Madzigon, Karl Mätzler, Tatiana Mavromati, Marian Milosavljevic, Cornelia Mittendorfer, Melissa Moore, Andrea Motta, Wolfgang Müllner, Olena Newkryta, Elizabeth Orcutt, Michele Pauty, Christiane Peschek, Philipp Pesserl, Katka Prackova, Reinhard Prenn, Gáspár Riskó, Catherine Rocke, Viktor Schaider, Maria Schnabl, Teresa Schweiger, Bastian Schwind, Gernot Singer, Ulla Sladek, Christian Stangl, Christian Stemper, Andreas Tschersich, Fangni Wang, Astrid Charlotte Wintgens

Conception and realization of a solo exhibition as part of Eyes On 2016.

Participation at the Portfolio Review of PhotoEspaña in Madrid in June 2015.

A feature in an issue of EIKON—International Magazine for Photography and Media Art as well as an annual subscription to EIKON.