Eyes On

  • 25. Oktober – 30. November 2016
25. Oktober – 30. November 2016

© Simon van Hal, KunstSozialRaum Brunnenpassage

Thin Lines and Borders

Fatma, Wala, Mudar, and Jamil: this is not about anonymous masses, it is about individual refugees—and newly minted Viennese. Photographers accompanied them on stages of their journey. Thin Lines and Borders presents approaches from social documentary and fine-art photography to issues of migration, inclusion, and exclusion. What are the political and social effects of divided spaces, and how does identity take from in these altered conditions? And by which creative metaphors can photography lend visual reality to a border, a narrow division established by manmade convention?
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© Nina Rike Springer, bäckerstrasse4

Processing Photography

The photographic image has come a long way since it was first invented, and its evolution is still ongoing: new processes have been devised, usages have shifted, and most recently, the digital transformation has fundamentally changed the way we see photographs. Processing Photography addresses the procedures and potentials of photographic development, with regard to techniques as well as subject matters. Which part does the laboratory, does chemistry play in the photographic process today? In which ways does a standardized format such as the 10-by-15 open up possibilities for creative expression? What happens when amateur photographs from a distant past are set in new contexts? The focus playfully probes the media boundaries between photography and collage, graphic art, manual craftsmanship, and film.
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© Reiner Riedler, Josephinum

Flash! Boom! Bang!

Discovering the sky in the body or assembling a cookbook out of leftovers from the studio: taking a fresh new look at what is around us, these pictures inspire us to think outside the box as well. Flash! A creative exploration of reality is not the exclusive privilege of one generation. Photography affords us the room for a playful hands-on discovery of our world—a world that is not always colorful and fun. Boom! How we approach the world also affects the light we cast on it. Bang!
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© Leon Höllhumer, MUSA Startgalerie

This Beast Called Beauty

When the discussion turns to aesthetics, we are likely to think of the historic theory of beauty apparent to the eye, of regularity and harmony in nature and art. Beauty and aesthetics are widely debated in the world of contemporary media. This Beast Called Beauty examines contemporary aesthetic approaches to visual communication, combining them with the concept of “beauty” in depictions of bodies—clothed as well as nude—and natural objects. Which iconographies and physical ideals inherited from the history of art inform our thinking, and which standing do bodies and nature have in photography today?
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Beyond Time

At the instant the camera’s shutter is released, the apparatus inserts itself between reality and a photographic document that may be preserved for generations and, decades later, tell the story of its genesis. How much reality, how much fiction future beholders will recognize in the picture depends on the political, social, and cultural context. Beyond Time showcases positions in photojournalism and social documentary photography and examines how the photograph’s ability to record its time figures in fine-art photography.