Eyes On

  • 25. Oktober – 30. November 2016
25. Oktober – 30. November 2016

When will Eyes On take place again? 
The next edition of Eyes On will be held from October 25 until November 30, 2016.

How often does Eyes On take place? 
The festival has been held every second year since 2004, always in November.

Where can I buy tickets for Eyes On?
Tickets for the individual exhibitions held in conjunction with Eyes On are available at the respective venues.

How much are the tickets to Eyes On’s photography exhibitions? 
Eyes On is held at museums, galleries, exhibition spaces, and showrooms. Admissions are set by the individual presenting venues.

Where do I find the opening hours of the individual venues?
Please find the opening hours in the program section of our homepage. You can also find a listing of opening hours in our guidebook.

When and where can I buy the catalogue? 
The catalogue is sold at the MUSA and at most exhibition venues starting in November.

Who can take part in Eyes On?
Institutions (Museums, Galleries, Off-Spaces, Cultural Institutes) as well as artists and photographers are invited to submit their projects. The jury will select the participating projects.

Which services provides Eyes On?
We provide the editing, proof reading and translation of the texts of the exhibitions, production of pocket guides, catalogues, posters and postcards, public relations and advertisement (in national and international media, social media, newsletter, homepage,...), Infopoint at the MUSA, ...

What is the fee to participate in Eyes On? 
The submission fee is € 48,- incl. VAT. Participation in Eyes On requires a project that has not yet been shown as part of Eyes On, an exhibition venue in Vienna, and timely submission of project documentation to Eyes On.

Does Eyes On provide exhibition venues?
Eyes On cannot provide exhibition venues.

Does Eyes On provide financial support?
Eyes On cannot lend financial support to individual projects.

Who is on the Eyes On jury?
2006-2014’s jurors were Berthold Ecker (Department of Culture, City of Vienna), Johannes Faber (Galerie Johannes Faber), Monika Faber (Albertina), Susanne Gamauf (Fotogalerie Wien), Anja Manfredi (Schule Friedl Kubelka für künstlerische Photographie, Wien), Walter Moser (Albertina), Susanne Neuburger (mumok), Gabriele Rothemann (University of Applied Arts), Uwe Schögl (Austrian National Library), and Josephine Wagner (Galerie Raum mit Licht).

Jury 2016: Berthold Ecker (Department of Culture, City of Vienna), Verena Kaspar-Eisert (KUNST HAUS WIEN), Anja Manfredi (Schule Friedl Kubelka für künstlerische Photographie, Wien), Walter Moser (Albertina), and Josephine Wagner (Galerie Raum mit Licht). 

Which projects are represented in the catalogue? 
The jury selects approx. seventy projects to be included in the catalogue.

What does it mean for a project not to be included in the catalogue? 
When a project is included in the festival program but not in the catalogue, Eyes On will provide publicity services for the project as part of the photography festival.

How and when can I submit a project for Eyes On 2016? 
Information regarding submissions for Eyes On 2016 can be found here.